About us - Marsontheroad

Let us introduce ourselves: we are two friendly, funny and easy-going friends. We met each other during the “golden period” of the university in Rimini. Year after year, our relationship became stronger linked by a common passion: travelling.

We actually put a lot of effort into achieving our dreams. The point is that this wandering represents for us much more than an ordinary dream. It drives our most important choices becoming then a real lifestyle.  The first long journey together was in Brazil and Argentina. Here the love for South America increased, as well as the strong desire to return for a longer period. With a lot of dedication and tenacity, we graduated on the 15th of December 2015 in Tourism Economics and Management - Master Degree - by presenting two connected theses elaborated during our stay in several countries of South America. We received a grant from the University of Bologna to make this possible.

Both theses have as main issue the backpacking phenomenon in South America and its consequences in terms of accommodation facilities and economic impact on the territory. During these 6 months of research and travel, we have collected useful information for our project, working as volunteers in 3 hostels in order to save money as much as possible and live in close contact with the local population.

In fact, the main point of all our trips is to respect local communities as well as the environment in which we are, following the principles of responsible and sustainable tourism.As you can imagine, therefore, we try to make this passion even our future job; we don’t miss the chance to travel around the world as soon as we have the opportunity!
From then on, travel experiences for study, pleasure or work have been countless and we hope there will be more and more!

Finally, the name given to our blog "Marsontheroad" aims to blend our names (Marica and Sonia) by adding a feature that uniquely links us "on the road", that means for us keep going, moving, discovering the unknown.


Apulian. born under Taurus. She loves playing volleyball and daydreaming. Smiling is her best weapon.


Born in Basilicata, under Sagittarius. She loves talking and listening to music. Sport means life for her.


Two tireless travellers, with the look and the thoughts wandering beyond the borders of the world.