Marsontheroad: our idea

Why do we want to write a travel blog?

The reason is very simple: we would like to be helpful and, why not, an inspiration for all those who decide to embark on a journey and it doesn’t matter whether it is for a day or for a lifetime.

The main idea behind our trips is to be able to integrate as much as possible with the local community of the chosen destination, living and understanding their culture and traditions. For some people may be an obvious concept, but we can tell you that adapting without being intrusive and disrespectful is not easy and it is not a prerogative of all tourists. That is why we would like to define us travellers more than tourists, or perhaps even backpackers.

This term does not only mean travelling with a backpack but is a travel philosophy that makes you finally believe that there is still good people in the world who can be trusted.

Often the phenomenon of backpacking is confused with travelling without money. Actually, it involves minimizing expenses and travel on a low budget. This doesn’t mean to be poor but it is a way to save money and be able to travel for a longer period.The main motivation of backpackers is the desire to build a new temporary identity through travelling. This form of desire plays a key role in the self-construction. We try to run away from the materialist, stressed and hard society to find refuge in an “authentic” destination.

Our greatest ambition is therefore to push the less brave to launch themselves and spread their wings into the world, experiencing the thrill that will make them feel more alive than ever. We are sure that once you try it, you will not be able to stop any more.

The secret is to follow some advice so you don’t get unprepared to the journey of your dreams.

What are you waiting for? Follow Marica and Sonia’s adventures on Marsontheroad!

PS We have also included the "Plan Your Trip" section for those who would like to plan their trip and need some advices. This is something that we do for free because we are still two simple girls who like the challenges and who keep learning everyday also from you!


Two tireless travellers, with the look and the thoughts wandering beyond the borders of the world.