Đà Lạt: the City of the Eternal Spring

  Sonia   |     17/05/2018

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It is the turn of Da Lat, a really appreciated destination reached by bus (it takes 4 hours for 120,000 dongs, or about € 4.50) from the chaotic and tourist Nha Trang (
Đà Lạt is the capital of the province of Lâm Đồng in the central highlands of southern Vietnam; It is built around a lake and a golf course and is surrounded by hills, pine forests, lakes and waterfalls. Known as the "City of the Eternal Spring" due to its characteristic temperate climate and because there are flowers everywhere. Da Lat was developed by the French in the early 1900s, leaving many signs of its colonial heritage.
I stay at the Wolpack hostel for 115,000 dong, or € 4 per night in an 8-bed dormitory with breakfast included. Moreover, in the evening you can enjoy the "Family Dinner" for 68,000 dong that is 2.50 € enjoying a delicious and plentiful meal. Furthermore, the owner and the staff are super friendly and very helpful.
I rent a scooter for 115,000 dongs, or about 4 € and start my tour in the so-called "countryside".
After 1 hour driving, I reach the Elephant Waterfall. Here the entrance is 20,000 dong. I reach it following the directions on that takes me right under the waterfall along a very narrow path and downhill. Nearby there is also a pagoda and the happy Buddha.
On my way back to the city, I decide to visit the "Cuong Hoan Silk Factory" paying 10,000 dong. It is very interesting to see how silk is produced. For example, do you know that a single cocoon produces 800 to 1000 meters of silk thread? You will find out so many interesting stories about silk here!
Then I stop at the Me Linh Coffee Garden: a place with a great view and a good coffee and yoghurt.
Here I try one of the most expensive and sought-after coffees in the world: Kopi Luwak (weasel coffee); it can also cost $ 3,000 per kilogram. They produce every year no more than 250 kg and it is easy to understand why it is considered the most expensive coffee in the world: the coffee beans, in fact, are ingested and partially digested by weasels, whose intestinal enzymes are able to eliminate only the bitter notes of coffee, leaving the sweet ones intact. You will find this variety for around 30-40 euros per kilo in Vietnam.
Finally, I visit the Datanla waterfall which is 7km from the centre of Da Lat. The admission fee is 30,000 dong and here there are various activities to be carried out such as getting on a train that takes you up to the waterfall, obviously paying extra.
The next day I decide to do Canyoning starting right from this waterfall with the company Highland sport, which I recommend. It is a mix of activities such as rock climbing near the various waterfalls in the forest, trekking along the rivers and jumps from rocks 7, 9 or 11 meters high. Not to mention the many times I find myself (it is an expected activity) in very strong water currents that they call "washing machine"!
So I 've pent an alternative day full of pure adrenaline. Recommended for those who do not suffer from vertigo and love adventure sports (price 50 $, expensive but absolutely worth it, water and lunch included).
In the city instead, you can visit the following attractions: Xuan Huong lake, the garden of flowers (entrance 40.000 dong), the Pagoda Linh Quang and the many cafes with a particular style (I recommend An Café and La Viet).
If you have time visit the Crazy House: it is a house/hotel with a strange shape and alternative / modern style. The ground floor instead is painted by recalling the coral reef: here it seems to be in a fairy tale. Entrance fee 50,000 dong.
The evening not to be missed is 100 Roof bar which is a very special bar; I do not add anything else, to you the surprise!
Ultimately Da Lat is a destination that I highly recommend and in which I have even found an ideal climate: around 26-28 degrees during the day and around 18-20 degrees during the evening.

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