Yungas Road: the World's most dangerous road

  Marica&Sonia   |     28/07/2015

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The Yungas Road, also known as The Death Road, is the main way linking the Bolivian capital of La Paz to the Coroico valley. 

It is recognized to be one of the most dangerous roads in the world since it’s a single-lane road with no kind of railing, ascending to around 4650 m. Indeed, according to a survey conducted in 2006, around 200-300 people died each year on this road. Mountain bike lovers have made this place one of their most favourite in the world mainly thanks to its downhill steep along all the riding (except for a small uphill part). In addition, it is usually slippery and it makes it even more enjoyable for the more adventurous. 

How can we ever miss out this great experience?!? 

We decide to buy an organized tour by the company "Altitude" at the hostel where we are staying in La Paz (Loki Hostel). The price is about 60 euros. It’s a reduced price since we can use our staff discount. We begin the journey at 7:30 am after leaving the hostel at 5.30 am. The whole route is a 66-kilometres downhill ride. The first 12 km are aimed to warm up a little bit and include few stops on the way. But then we start to seriously ride a mountain bike! 

The idea of descending a steep slope can give the wrong feeling of a simple path. Indeed, you have to deal first with an early thick fog and then with a dizzying sight over the drop! Moreover, the obligation to always keep the left because of the cars running against the direction of travel makes everything more exciting or dangerous (according to different points of view!). The crazy thing is that after a while we start to truly have fun. I guess we kind of got caught up! 

We finally start descending towards the beautiful Coroico valley characterized by tropical climate since located in the Amazon rainforest. Here we finally reach our final destination, that is a restaurant with swimming pool where we can get rid of clothes and gloves below which we find lovely bloody blisters! 

Definitely one of the most beautiful and exciting experiences that you can have in Bolivia: breath-taking scenery, on the very edge of dream and reality. Suitable for those who want to challenge their limits and get involved in an incredible and adrenaline adventure! And what about you? Would you like to try?


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