Marica   |     01/05/2018

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Travelling is the best medicine for this sick world.

Have you ever had the feeling of trying to stay afloat when the waves overwhelm you? Trying with all your strength to swim to be able to breathe even for a second? Well, sometimes I feel like that and it is not the waves of the sea that make me hold my breath, but the people around me. I often have the feeling of being surrounded by pessimistic thoughts, attitudes and actions, in which we often talk about change but in the end, it is just and always words. There is a total mistrust in the future and people no longer believes in the goodness of other people. Here you have one more reason to travel: travelling makes you still believe in the good of humanity, despite everything and everyone. For someone, it is probably a naive or ignorant attitude, but we must instead be determined and motivated as never before to be able to stay afloat. The truth is that the disappointments are always around the corner ready to surprise us; it's up to us to get up and keep walking. Travelling involves an intersection of lives and paths difficult to express in words; travelling not only opens your mind but also your heart; travelling teaches you to do good for the simple reason of feeling useful and maybe receive in return a smile of incomparable gratitude. I observe, day after day, families who decide to quit everything and travel, with the aim to give their children a different perspective, a glimmer of light that enters forcefully into the waves of the sea and indicates the way back to breathe. Travelling is not only a breath of fresh air but also teaches us to let go: emotions, objects and people. You learn, although with difficulty, to feel part of the All but the owner of nothing. It teaches us how to accept and coexist with the pain of physical absence and mental nostalgia. We learn to exert superhuman control over our mind, a really long path that requires a lot of patience. Travelling is living every day respecting ourselves before the others, listening to what we have inside and fighting for what we are. Travelling is not an abstract concept, but the result of our every step.

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